🔢Rows Responses

Some endpoints return data as rows for easy rendering data as a list.

Certain API endpoints might return data as rows, so it's easier for you to render them in your template files.

You can get the rows array from the response object using data.rows.

    "data": {
        "dates": {
            "from": "2016-12-20T00:00:00",
            "to": "2016-12-22T23:59:59"
        "observer": {
            "location": {
                "longitude": -84.39733,
                "latitude": 33.775867,
                "elevation": 1000
        "rows": [
            .... rows

Each object in the rows array can be accessed by iterating the array.

For more information on how to render this type of data refer to the samples repository

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